Stealth Grille Light kit for 5th Gen 4Runner (2014-2024)

Add visibility, safety and personalization to your rig with our rugged, water-resistant stealth grille amber LED light kit. Includes light-weight aluminum brackets anodized in black with premium rust-free stainless steel hardware that quickly mounts right into existing factory threaded holes under the hood.

Each of the two LED lights has an array of 4 amber LEDs and a Fresnel lens to focus light intensity forward for maximum visibility, preventing light spill-over while applying a darkening effect of the lens face when off for an ultra clean, stealthy look behind the grille.

The LEDs are programmable with 17 available flash patterns. Programming the desired pattern is simple with the provided instructions.

Easy to wire in and control with Switch Pros, sPOD SE or sPOD Bantam units. Remove your front bumper with ease as nothing attaches to it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: On/Off switch, relay, fuse, and ring terminals are not included in this kit due to differing user preferences such as connecting to Switch Pros or sPOD or physical rocker switch in cabin, etc. Setup shown in photos has positive and negative wires directly connected to an sPOD under the hood with LCD touch screen in the cabin.

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